What would be more amazing on your special day than one Oreoⓒ hand-dipped in chocolate & decorated to match your wedding décor? They come ready to be placed on your tables individually or bagged together, wrapped in clear cello bag and ribboned to match your décor. Choose a flower color & bow to match your décor!

When ordering, please let us know how you would like your bride decorated.  Your options are: Milk with Pearl Necklace (available as a dark or white base as well), All White with Flower to match your décor, Bride Drizzled with Pearl Necklace, or Crystal Sugar Bride. All options are pictured here. Prices range from $2.89 (one in a bag) to $5.29 (pair).

**We prefer to handle special orders & inquiries over the phone to ensure that you get exactly what you would like, so feel free to give us a call during business hours at 630.232.6655 We’re happy to assist you!**


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