About Graham's

Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream
Since 1987

Graham’s Chocolates: The very definition of homemade.

When something isn’t processed, or prepackaged, but instead made with the finest ingredients, we say it’s homemade. When we can taste the passion that goes into every bite, we say it’s homemade. Then there’s the homemade that Graham’s Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream embodies.

For proprietor’s Robert and Beckie Untiedt, homemade means living in the caring, quaint community of Geneva just blocks from the store. It’s recognizing the smiling faces of the locals who seek out the next indulgent delight to be found.

Homemade is Beckie’s twin sister Bonnie, and daughters Jayni and Maddi who keep the business buzzing with lots of love and laughter. Homemade is loving what you do, because what you do makes customers feel like they’re home too. Of course, Robert still brings the expertise of studying under some of the country’s finest chocolatiers.

Lucky for us, he’s brought it home. To Graham’s. For the past three decades and for decades to come. Graham’s Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream. Home. Sweet. Home.

As a family, the Untiedt’s have so much to be thankful for, and without wonderful customers who really believe in this business, they would not be where they are today. So thank you!

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